Students from Jönköping University will, for the third time, participate in the World Solar Challenge with an own-built solar cell car.

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The Team

Twenty five students with different backgrounds, education and experience forms Jönköping University Solar Team, together with responsible teachers.

The breadth of expertise in the team together with an incredible desire and ambition, is this team's benefit. With common goals and individual responsibilities, the team works to build the optimal solar car that will represent Jonkoping University in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017.

This year, the team is going for a top position!


Chassis: Steel
Coachwork: Carbon fiber
Wheel suspension: Aluminium
Wheelbase: 246 cm
Trace width: 110 cm
Length: 428 cm
Width: 163 cm
Height: 95 cm
Target weight without driver: 150-180 kg (That is a weight reduction of about 80kg from the car 2015)

The Solar Car Solveig

This year, the team is working hard to get a faster, safer and better car. Some of the most important components are the air resistance and the aerodynamics, as well as the weight. Thanks to the competence of the team, and several sponsors, these parts has been optimized this year.

Due to a change in the competition rules, the car now only gets to have solar cells on four square meters, instead of six square meters as it was before. This is because the developed solar cell technique so the cars will otherwise go to fast. The car being built for Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 right now has an average speed of 65 km/h.

The competition Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017

World Solar Challenge is an open international competition where the goal for the participants is to construct and build a vehicle and cross a whole continent with only solar power. The competing teams will drive 3000 kilometers between Darwin and Adelaide at the shortest amount of time.

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The level of the competition is seen as very high and it attracts companies and media worldwide. The team from Jönköping University is proud to cooperate with some of Sweden's largest companies.

Do you also want to join us in the development of renewable energy?


Magnus Andersson, project leader: