Choose among different cooperation opportunities.

Contact with business and society has always been an important part of JIBS´ activities. We work with many companies and organizations, ranging from small regional to large multinational companies. Our collaboration with the business community takes place on several different levels, and there are options that suit most companies and organizations.

“Practice in education” and the needs of the labor market are always in our focus. Through our various forms of cooperation, we provide you an opportunity to both establish contacts with our students and benefit from their competence. Our students come from different parts of the world, with a large network in their home countries and a good understanding of different cultures and the international business world. Through their innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as knowledge of the latest research, students can help you think in new ways and reach your business goals.

Study visits or guest lectures

A simple form of cooperation is a study visit. A group of students, within the framework of a course, make a study visit to your company/organization. As an alternative, someone from the company/ organization can instead come and hold a guest lecture at JIBS, during which you give practical insights within a specific area and are given an opportunity to present your business and connect with students and researchers.

Case Study

A group of students or a whole class works on a problem that you have defined. The result is analysis and solution proposals presented to you. You present the problem to the students during a study visit at your company/organization or during a guest lecture at JIBS.

Partner company

A partner company and a student group are connected during the students' first two study years through projects linked to one or two courses. The student group visits their partner company a couple of times per course and produces a written report. Besides the contact with ambitious and knowledgeable students, you get new perspectives and ideas about your business.


As with a case study, individual projects can also be adapted to your needs. This means a deeper collaboration tied to a specific course, its students and teachers. A successful example of such a project is where a group of international master students help a company with its international establishment within the framework of the course “Applied International Marketing


By offering one or two students a qualified internship placement, you can get help with a larger project in your company/organization. The content of the internship is determined in consultation between the company/organization, a course responsible teacher and a student. Read more here.

Thesis work

By collaborating with one or more students in connection to their thesis work, you have an opportunity to get a question or problem highlighted and analyzed. Problematization and conclusions are presented to you and, depending on the subject choice, the students' investigation can provide some valuable analysis and data.

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