Career Fairs

At Jönköping University, several career fairs are held each year, serving as a meeting point between students and their future employers.

Below you will find information on the different career fairs at Jönköping University and contact information to the student organisations in charge.


Nextstep is organised in February each year by JSA, JIBS Student Association. Local, national and multinational companies are represented at a trade show, and there is also the opportunity for in-depth contact talks with particularly interested students. Guest lectures are held and in the evening there is a banquet with the possibility of further networking. The event is mainly aimed at students at JIBS and the School of Engineering, but is also visited by students from the other schools.

You can read more about Nextstep here.

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Contact Nextstep

Karriärum + HI WORK

Karriärum was previously called the host company day, and aimed at students at the School of Engineering. The fair is held in November every year. It is visited by approximately 2,000 students.

Contact: Linda Bergqvist

Exjobbsmässan - The Thesis Fair

Exjobbsmässan gives the students at the School of Engineering an opportunity to present their theses and exhibit their accomplishments. Throughout the day the fair is visited by business, high schools and other students. The fair is held in late May every year.

Contact: Linda Bergqvist

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