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  • New associate professor studies the role of agriculture in economic development

    Pia Nilsson, Associate Professor of Economics at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), gives an insight into her research interests and the topic of her associate professorship lecture: "Agriculture, Economic Development & Policy".
  • Researchers say: No to ageism! 

    On the 29th of June 2018, researchers from all over Europe met during a conference Towards a World for All Ages in Bratislava. Monika Wilińska, associate professor at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, delivered a talk entitled: "Why we haven’t gotten rid of ageism…yet."
  • JU and Naturskolan collaborate to promote outdoor education

    In a new collaboration, Jönköping University and Naturskolan at Upptech will combine research and practice within the field of outdoor educational science. During the upcoming spring a pilot project will start with the aim of developing the skills of teachers within the field of Theory of Outdoor Education, through research and practical teaching activities.