Trial Lecture: Ehsan Ghassemali

Ehsan Ghassemali

On Wednesday 13 January, Ehsan Ghassemali gave his trial lecture for the appointment as associate professor at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University. The title of the lecture was ’’In Quest of High-Performance Metals’’. Ehsan Ghassemali is an Associate Professor within Materials and Manufacturing - Casting at the Department of Materials and Manufacturing, School of Engineering.

Ehsan Ghassemali's lecture focused on his research on development of high-performance metals; next-generation metallic materials. These materials can withstand difficult conditions, such as very high temperatures, high loads, or highly corrosive environments, and can make a significant contribution to reducing environmental impact.

‘’New materials and production processes are needed to meet the industry's future demand for high-performance, for instance strong and durable materials, which are also extremely corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. Such materials reduce the need for maintenance and service, which has a significantly positive effect on sustainability and the environmental issues,’’ says Ehsan Ghassemali.

Advances in materials technology have influenced humanity throughout history. The development of materials with improved properties can push the boundaries of what we believe is possible, says Ehsan Ghassemali:

’’New high-performance materials enable innovations such as larger, yet lighter aircrafts and crash-resistant cars or the development of new zero-emission energy sources such as sustainable production and safe storage of hydrogen.’’

During the lecture, Ehsan Ghassemali presented various examples and lessons learned from his research. Among other things, various methods for the design, production, and testing of high-performance metallic materials were highlighted. Ehsan Ghassemali also talked about various case studies that have been done in research collaborations between JTH, industrial partners, as well as international academic collaborators, and how these activities have contributed to the development of the research area.

’’The research area of materials and manufacturing is of an interdisciplinary nature and there are many exciting and new areas to explore that can create new knowledge and innovation. By interdisciplinary collaborations, we have a unique opportunity to make JTH one of Sweden's largest centres for the development of advanced alloys,’’ says Ehsan Ghasselmali.