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Graduation at JIBS

Studenter vid examenshögtid

Your time of studies here at JIBS is coming to an end it is finally time to graduate. Each year, JIBS organizes a completion ceremony to congratulate the students.

As you have been informed earlier, we will not have a graduation in Spira this spring but instead invite you to a graduation on October 29. In addition, we also invited you to take graduation photos in June.

After discussions with JSA and other students we have decided that each Programme Director also invites you to an online graduation in June. You will get a chance to close your studies in this online session that among other things include speeches from the Dean and the JSA President.

Graduation takes place online using Zoom on the following days and times:

Thursday 10 June

13:00 Global Mangement, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Strategic Entrepreneurship.
Programme director: Ryan Rumble

15:00 Digital Business and International Marketing.
Programme director: Mart Ots

16:00 International Management, Marketing Management and Sustainable Enterprise Development.
Programme director: Edward Gilmore

Friday 11 June

14:00 International Economics and Applied Economics and Data Analysis: Programme director Tina Wallin

15:00 Civilekonomprogrammet.
Programme director: Johan Larsson

16:00 Engineering Management and International Finance Analysis. Programme director: Jonas Dahlqvist

Students will be invited by their programme director.

The invitation to the October graduation will be sent in June.

Please also read the following parts about your final degree and JIBS Alumni.

Apply for final degree:

Once all of your courses have registered in Ladok you apply yourself for your degree on the following link:

All students also will be sent an invitation for the Graduation scheduled for October 29. Invitations will be sent in June.

Register for JIBS Alumni

Being a JIBSer does not end with graduation - to continue a life-time connection to JIBS, join the JIBS Alumni Network Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.!

As a member of the JIBS Alumni network, you will be able to expand your professional network and see what graduates from JIBS do today by being automatically connected to more than 6000 JIBS Alumni around the globe. You will also receive exciting updates and invitations to events and reunions from JIBS and JIBS Alumni Association. You will find more info on JIBS Alumni here. Once a JIBSer, always a JIBSer!