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  • New research project on ownership dynamics

    What causes ownership changes in closely held companies with a limited number of sharholders? How is the company's development and survival affected by changes in the ownership circle?
  • New knowledge can provide improved recycled aluminium

    Recycling cast aluminium saves a lot of energy. But there is potential for increased reliability and strength. In a new PhD thesis from School of Engineering at Jönköping University, Anton Bjurenstedt has found some of the missing puzzle pieces.
  • Meeting the improvement challenge with curiosity, courage and co-production

    In the area of health and welfare there is a continuous need for quality improvement to improve both processes and the benefits of the efforts being made. On September 28, Kristina Areskoug Josefsson holds her docent lecture on the topic of quality improvement and leadership in health and welfare.
  • Improving the properties of ductile iron components

    In a new PhD thesis from the School of Engineering, Jönköping University, Keivan Amiri Kasvayee investigates the effect of microstructural variation on the mechanical properties and deformation behaviour of ductile iron.”Understanding this process is crucial for designing and manufacturing more durable products.”
  • No.1 in Sweden in cited publication on Business Studies and Economics

    In a new report from Nordforsk, comparing research performance of Nordic higher education institutions, Jönköping University and Jönköping International Business School rank highest in Sweden when it comes to highly cited papers and field normalised citation rates – Business Studies & Economics.