Prestigious award to Ph.D. student

Lianguang Cui, a JIBS PhD. student, will be accepting The 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad, from the China Scholarship Council.

Who will be presenting the award to you? Where and when is the ceremony?
— I will be accepting the award in person and it is the ambassador of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden who will be presenting it to me and other award winners in Sweden. My supervisor, Professor Susanne Hertz and I have been invited to attend the ceremony. The ceremony and an official lunch will be held in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Stockholm. The date is not fully decided yet. So far, the embassy suggests 25 May.

Can you say a little bit more about the award? Is it given to more than one person?
— Developed in 2003, this is an annual award from the Chinese Government for outstanding Chinese graduate students who work abroad and don't receive financial support from the Chinese government. The award is established to encourage research excellence and to recognize the achievement among Chinese students abroad. This award is granted across all fields of study and is granted to 13 Chinese students in Sweden and 506 all over the world this year. The award consists of 5,000 US dollars and a diploma to be presented at the Chinese Embassy. Among the 13 winners in Sweden, I am the only one from social science/business administration. The rest of winners are doing research in natural science.

How does it feel to be receiving the award?
— I am excited to be receiving the award. It is a great honour.

Interview via e-mail by Rebecka Ottosson
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