JIBS professor drafted for new globalization forum

Politicians, researchers and representatives of Swedish industry will meet in a new forum to discuss how Sweden will face the global competition. Leona Achtenhagen from JIBS will be part of the steering committee.

The forum aims to continue the work started by the Government’s Globalisation council. Between 2007 and 2009, the Council presented more than 30 research papers on the position of Swedish companies in the global competition, and representatives from both private and public sectors have called for a continuation of the Council’s work. Therefore, the network organization Entrepreneurship Forum has started a new Globalization Forum.

The forum will be a platform for researchers, politicians and representatives from government agencies and industry to discuss the changes required to meet the challenges of globalization. The forum will include analysing how globalization will affect business in Sweden, and the readiness of small and medium-sized businesses to meet global competition. Professor Leona Achtenhagen will contribute with her knowledge of and research focus on entrepreneurship and business development.