56th Annual World Conference of the International Council of Small Business (ICSB)

JIBS will be represented at the ICSB Conference in Stockholm, 15-18 June with a large number of scholars in different roles.

Professors Leona Achtenhagen and Bengt Johannisson are members of the Swedish Researcher Group, which has been responsible for deciding on the conference tracks and selecting submitted paper abstracts. Leona will chair the conference track on “Gender and Entrepreneurship”, and Bengt the track on “Soci(et)al Entrepreneurship”. As a former winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Reward, Bengt is also one of the speakers on a plenary session on “Emerging Forms on Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Leona will moderate the plenary session where Professor Steven Klepper, the 2011 Winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, will give his keynote.

Professor Friederike Welter is past president of ECSB, the European Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (the European affiliate of ICSB), and, since 2009, Senior Vice President for Research and Publications on the outgoing ICSB board. She will participate in the panel of a workshop on “How do you REALLY grow an entrepreneurial ecosystem?” and conduct a Young Researcher’s Writing Workshop.

Assistant professor Johan Eklund will participate in the Policy Forum Day taking place directly before the conference, where he will discuss “The economic effects of regulatory burden”.

Several JIBS researchers will participate with papers during the conference: Huriye Aygören (The Quest towards Finding Social in Social Entrepreneurship: Analyzing Contradictory Institutional Logics at Contexts of Social Entrepreneurship), Sara Johansson and Lars Pettersson (The role of gourmet restaurants for culinary innovations and development of small-scale food firms), Duncan Levinsohn and Ethel Brundin (Beyond “shades of green”: opportunities for a renewed conceptualisation of entrepreneurial sustainability in SME:s: a literature review), Khizran Zehra and Leona Achtenhagen (Tracking gender in entrepreneurial development processes in Pakistan), Friederike Welter (with co-authors from Universidad de Granada on: The role of female academic entrepreneurs in the acquisition of the resources and capabilities required for the success of university spin-offs; with David Smallbone) and Xiu Juanzhong  (on: from Mao to Market – Entrepreneurs as Institutional Change Agents in China).