Four nailing ceremonies in one day

Tuesday 20 December four nailing ceremonies of doctoral theses in four subjects at three of the schools of Jönköping University took place. Read more

At School of Health Sciences Monika Wilinska , research area Ageing — Living Conditions and Health, nailed her doctoral thesis "Spaces of (non-)ageing. A discoursive study of inequalities we live by".

At Jönköping International Business School Lianguang Chi , department Marketing and Logistics, nailed his doctoral thesis "Logistics Innovation at Third Party Logistics Firms".
Also James Dzansi , department Economics Finances and Statistics, nailed his doctoral thesis "Essays on Financing and Returns on Investment".

At School of Engineering Magnus Hofwing , research area Product Development, nailed his doctoral thesis "Robustness Analysis of Residual Stresses in Castings". Magnus Hofwiing will be defending his doctoral thesis at Linköping University.