New Book on Mergers

Until now, most research in the field of mergers and acquisitions has focused on internal stakeholder groups, such as employees and managers. But a new book shows how different stakeholders, internal and external, may play a critical role during a merger or an acquisition process.

JIBS professor Helén Anderson is one of the editors of the book, titled “Mergers and Acquisitions - The Critical Role of Stakeholders.” The other two editors are Virpi Havila and Fredrik Nilsson, professors at Uppsala University. Another JIBS professor, Mona Ericson, has contributed a chapter to the book.

The book builds on empirical examples that illustrate how various stakeholders play active roles throughout the different phases, and, thus, ultimately affect the outcome and the value formation process of the merger or the acquisition. There is still much debate on how and when to best measure the outcome of a merger or an acquisition. With its comprehensive focus on stakeholders, this volume explores why some mergers and acquisitions fail while others succeed.

"With its stakeholder perspective, this book provides an alternative and fresh view of mergers and acquisitions. (…) The book is full of interesting stories of successful and failed M&As that should be appealing to anybody with an interest in these issues," says Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University, USA, on the Routledge website.

About the book