New research on tourism

JIBS researchers have received SEK 1,700,000 from the Swedish Hospitality Industry's Research and Development Fund for research that will develop the tourism and hospitality industries.

“A growing proportion of our consumption is experience related, such as tourism and other types of hospitality industries, and there is a need for new research in the field. When population decreases and businesses close down, many rural areas try tourism strategies, but not always with good results,” says Charlotta Mellander, Professor of Economics at JIBS.

There is a great interest for research in developing the tourism and hospitality industries. The research project Hospitality Industry Clusters in Sweden is a two-year project to analyse the success and failures of Swedish hospitality industries over time.

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge about localisation and the hospitality industry, but above all to create knowledge that is of benefit to industry stakeholders and regional and national decision-makers involved in investments regarding the hospitality industry. The issues addressed in the project are of particular interest when developing hospitality industry clusters, localisation of businesses in the sector and forming regional strategies to attract hospitality and tourism businesses.

Beside Professor Charlotta Mellander, Özge Öner, doctoral candidate in Economics and Johan Klaesson, associate professor in Economics are also involved in the project.