New book on the Öresund Region

Åke E. Andersson, Professor of Economics, is one of three authors of the book "Öresundsregionen -den dynamiska metropolen" (The Öresund region - a dynamic metropolis).

The book is published by Dialogos Publishing, who write in their press release: "This book shows how creativity and entrepreneurship are depending of communication with the outside world and of well-functioning institutions. It addresses the need for institutional reforms in Sweden and Denmark. In order for regions to be creative, they need more than financial investments in science and technology development. They also need values ​​that support creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and new businesses. The authors emphasize the importance of an "open society" towards the world, with extensive immigration, a global exchange of ideas and tolerance."

Åke E. Andersson has written the book together with David Emanuel Andersson, professor of business economics at Nottingham University Business School in Ningbo and Christian Wichmann Matthiessen, professor of urban regional geography at the University of Copenhagen.

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