New research on the well-being of retailers

Karin Hellerstedt, Anna Jenkins and Pia Nilsson will study the short and long term effects of business failure in the retail sector in terms of experiences, well-being and motivation to start again.

Retail is one of the industries hardest hit by bankruptcies. However, we know little about the effects of business failure on the well-being of business owners, their employees and the impact that this has on the industry.

Karin Hellerstedt and Anna Jenkins both hold a PhD in Business Administration. Pia Nilsson holds a PhD in Economics. Karin Hellerstedt does research in the areas of entrepreneurial teams, family business and ownership transitions. Anna Jenkins’ research revolves around how entrepreneurs interpret and respond to firm failure, and Pia Nilsson’s main field of research is regional economics.

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council has funded a total of SEK 12 million to six different research projects within the area “Workplace, health and individual in retail.” The projects relate to mobility among trade workers, differences among men and women and work environment.