Clusters and Economic Growth in Asia

Sören Eriksson, Professor in Economic Geography at JIBS, is the editor ­– as well as author of two chapters – of a new book.

The book, entitled “Clusters and Economic Growth in Asia” (Edward Elgar Publishing), explores the development and transformation of various clusters, economies and industrial sectors in East and Southeast Asia.

The authors study a number of important issues including the role of information and communication technology in economic growth, the increasing relevance of cluster policies and the need to understand them in the context of the institutional and structural transition of newly industrializing East Asian economies. Professor Sören Eriksson has contributed two chapters, focusing on foreign technology transfer in a Chinese aircraft industry cluster and the aircraft industry as a tool for economic and industrial development.

“This book provides a rich mix of perspectives that reflect the wide conceptual, empirical and theoretical interest in clusters and economic development with the focus on East and Southeast Asia. It is a valuable contribution to the cluster debate, able to offer insights to both academic researchers and economic development bodies,” say the publishers on their web page.

Other contributors to the book are: Alexander Ebner, Yanfei Li, Wai-Mun Chia, Felix Haifeng Liao, Karen Zhihua Xu, Bin Liang, Daniel Schiller, Henning Kroll and Curt Nestor.

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