Jönköping Airport stimulates growth

Professor Charlotta Mellander and Associate Professor Johan Klaesson have presented a report on the link between airports and regional development.

The conclusion from JIBS’ researchers is that the presence of an airport in a region is crucial for growth, both in population and employment.

Without Jönköping Airport the researchers calculate, for example, that the difference in the region in ten years' time would be 3,200 fewer jobs, 600 fewer businesses and 2,100 million less in gross regional product.

“It is gratifying, but not surprising, that the importance of the airport can be scientifically substantiated. Infrastructure means a cost but is also a prerequisite for growth,” says Sten Norinder, Airport Manager at Jönköping Airport, in a press release at the Jönköping Airport website.

The report (in Swedish) can be found here

For more information please contact: Charlotta Mellander , Johan Klaesson