New Associate Dean for Research at JIBS

Paul Nystedt, Professor of Economics, takes up the position as Associate Dean for Research at JIBS.

Paul Nystedt has worked at JIBS since February 2014 and was previously at Linköping University. His research concerns health, education, labour and investment in social capital. In his new role, he wants to continue to develop cooperation between Jönköping University and the local business life and public sector, but also between the different areas of research at the university.

“Academic activity is based on curiosity, whether it's education or research. I hope to contribute to an open atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged,” he says.

Having grown up in Jönköping, he is particularly passionate about the region, and believes that JIBS research in entrepreneurship and renewal with a strong local connection is one of the reasons that the school's research has become known all over the world.

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