Ethel Brundin Extraordinary Professor in South Africa

Professor Ethel Brundin has been appointed Extraordinary Professor at University of the Western Cape in South Africa.

Ethel Brundin is Professor of Business Administration with a special focus on Business Development and Entrepreneurship at JIBS. She has been working closely with the School of Business and Finance at University of the Western Cape for several years, leading research projects in South Africa and published together with staff at SBF. Professor Brundin is the project leader for a teaching and student exchange programme between JIBS and UWC. She is also one of the main contributors to STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices), and the person who brought that project to South Africa.

As an Extraordinary Professor Ethel Brundin will supervise master and doctoral students in her field of expertise, and she will visit the campus in Cape Town periodically.

“We believe that Professor Brundin’s contribution academically as well as to research will be extremely valuable to the SBF, as well as to the university at large”, said Professor Ricardo M. Peters, director of the School of Business and Finance.