Conference about the future of the media industry

The Media Management and Transformation Centre organises an invitation-only conference in Stockholm on ”Digital disruption and the media”.

The media industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented disruption. The mass media models their business were built on are crumbling in the face of new platforms, new devices, and new patterns and consumption and media habits.

At the conference, leaders of the old and new media industry will explore both the changes underway in the media ecology, and also the essential characteristics of the new digital media sector.

Digital disruption creates both opportunities and challenges, especially for legacy players. The advent of the internet, digital technologies, social media and mobile devices have created massive challenges for the established media, and massively broadened the need for innovation. Business models, production processes, sources of revenue – even the act of journalism itself and the stories it creates are undergoing a process of reinvention.

Today, some of the fastest growing and most exciting companies worldwide belong to the media sector – but these are often new players, and traditional established media are struggling to capitalise on the growth potential of digital markets, hampered as they are by the same legacy systems, processes, even brands, that were the source of strategic advantage until only a few years ago.

Among the speakers are Lena Glaser, Director of Interactive SVT, Anna Rastner, Head of Digital Programmes TV4 Group, Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief, Expressen, and Charlotte Ingvar-Nilsson , Deputy Director General, Ministry of Culture.