Municipalities in Sweden ranked

For the tenth year in a row, Swedish news magazine Focus and a group of researchers from JIBS have ranked which municipalities in Sweden are the best to live in.

The survey and ranking are conducted by Professor Charlotta Mellander along with PhDs Mikaela Backman and Ă–zge Ă–ner and doctoral student Tina Wallin. They all have long experience of research in regional development.

The ranking is based on an index of 43 variables such as cultural activities, transport, variety and access to schools and jobs. The researchers have divided the municipalities into four groups according to size and geographic location, and also took into account what is available in neighbouring municipalities.

In the category of metropolitan municipalities Stockholm is in first place. Among city municipalities Uppsala is ranked first, and the lists for rural and sparsely populated areas are topped by Varberg and Kiruna respectively.