Naveed Akhter wins Best Paper in Family Business

At the USASBE Conference in San Diego 10-12 January, JIBS doctoral candidate Naveed Akhter was presented with an award for his paper Portfolio Entrepreneurship in Family Firms: Taking Stock and Moving Forward.

“Portfolio entrepreneurship is a critical but relatively unexplored aspect of the entrepreneurship literature”, says Naveed Akhter. “In particular, little research exists on portfolio entrepreneurship in the context of family firms.”

Portfolio entrepreneurs are individuals who have minority or majority ownership stakes in two or more independent businesses at the same time. In his paper, Naveed Akhter explores the existing literature on portfolio entrepreneurship and presents three future research areas. First, how motivations to indulge in portfolio entrepreneurship are relevant and important for family firms. Second, the role of different settings for the exploration of portfolio family firms. Third, he argues that performance and outcome results are important aspects with which to examine the growth and survival of portfolio family firms.

The award Best Paper in Family Business was sponsored by Florida Atlantic University & Northeastern University.