E-bok: Digital Collaboration in Adult Education

Verktyg och övningar från internationellt projekt.

Erfarenheter från ett Nordplus projekt med vuxenutbildningsaktörer från Sverige, Estland och Litauen har nu sammanställts för att fungera som en elektronisk resurs Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster..

"Project participants have critically reflected and experimented with a range of digital learning activities and tools. They researched and tested various digital tools, and tried to identify not only those that are the most relevant, effective but also evaluated how easy it is to apply them in the teaching process and how easy they are to master for students. Keeping in mind high quality of education content, the project looked for specific tasks and exercises that can be accomplished with these digital tools and can support collaborative learning.

All the tools and exercises that can be applied during both live and online classes have been compiled into an eBook."