Young researchers from JIBS take over leadership of Young Researchers’ Forum

All three researchers in the new management of Young Researchers’ Forum are linked to Jönköping International Business School, and to research in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum launched Young Researchers’ Forum in 2010, with the aim of facilitating exchanges between young researchers in different disciplines, but with a focus on entrepreneurship, and the contact between researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

Since the autumn of 2012 Mikaela Backman , doctoral candidate at JIBS, Anna Jenkins , who defended her thesis at JIBS in 2012, and Johanna Palmberg, who defended her thesis at JIBS in 2010 and now works at the Entrepreneurship Forum and the Royal Institute of Technology, lead the Young Researchers’ Forum. The three took over from Lucia Naldi , associate professor at JIBS, Kristina Nyström (who defended her thesis at JIBS in 2006) and Karl Wennberg.

“This speaks volumes about our impact when it comes to younger generations of researchers in entrepreneurship and innovation in Sweden,” says Professor Mattias Nordqvist , co-director of research centre CeFEO . “In the last ten years, JIBS has produced a very large part of Sweden’s postdoctoral researchers in entrepreneurship and innovation, both in Business Administration and Economics.”