Paloma Alonso-Castrillo came to Jönköping University to study the two year master program Interventions in Childhood. Now she has finished and the last week of uni-life she got to speak to a whole conference of children's researchers - in Africa!

Paloma Alonso-Castrillo

Presenting at a researcher's conference

How was your presentation, Paloma?

"It was the first time I was going to present this study, and it was about Kenya and to Kenyan people, so it was a big thing for me. My supervisor said I did really well, and the truth is that it felt like it. The attendants were grateful to me for sharing my results with them. Even though my study was not directly related to the main topic of the conference, which was ‘’Childhood developmental disorders in a multilingual context’’, I could perfectly relate to my topic and to the Master program I did. Overall, I was so proud of representing Jönköping University in such a big conference".

Long lasting interest in pedagogy, Kenya and now ... research?

Before coming to Sweden and doing a master's program, Spanish Paloma studied pedagogy in Madrid. She has had a long interest in the subject and also from living in Kenya, where she got engaged in educational matters and schooling for the poorest. The latter also making it possible for Paloma to collect data in Kenya for her 2nd year master thesis; ‘’Perceptions of Kenyan teachers regarding children’s access to primary education in low-income settings: A qualitative study’’. The study she also presented from.

"I was so lucky to have professor Juan Bornman as a supervisor for my two-year master thesis. She helped me in every step I made with my paper, always giving the best advice, and motivating me with the topic I chose. When I finished my thesis, she suggested me to present my paper in the Speech-Base conference, celebrated in Kenyatta University, and organized with other prestigious African universities from Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa", Paloma says.

"I would say that this master program helped me to discover my interest in research and in which kind of trajectory I would like to continue my academic and professional practice".

The CHILD research environment says well done, Paloma - and good luck in the future!