Rapport från ISEI i New York

Den tredje ISEI-konferensen hölls i New York, USA, i maj. Läs professor Rune J Simeonssons rapport från konferensen.

(På engelska) The 3rd conference of the International Society on Early Intervention was held May 2-5 in New York City. It was a well attended conference with representation in paper sessions and posters coming from 33 different countries. Four days of the conference included 72 sessions with many devoted to major themes of Families, Service Delivery Models, Intervention & Outcomes, Autism, Policy, Professional Development and Assessment. Most of the 226 papers listed multiple presenters, in many cases involving contributors from different countries. The strong international makeup of the conference was evident in the representation of presenters. Based on the listing of the first author, 28% of the papers were made by presenters from Europe, 14% from the Asia-Pacific region, 50% from North America and the remaining 8% from other parts of the world. There was very limited participation by presenters from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Of particular significance was the level of representation by faculty, and students previously or currently affiliated with CHILD and/or with the Transatlantic Consortium. In fact, 22 (10%) of the 226 papers were made by faculty and students at the partner universities in Sweden (particularly Jönköping & Mälardalen universities), Portugal, Germany and the U.S., with most of the papers involving multiple authors. The presentations were well received and reflect the quality of the training and studies being conducted at Jönköping University and affiliated universities. In summary, it was an excellent conference.       

Rune J Simeonsson, gästprofessor på Högskolan för Lärande och Kommunikation