Ny doktorand till CHILD

Frida Lygnegård börjar som ny doktorand i CHILD-gruppen i höst.
- Jag tror att min nyfikenhet och verkliga intresse för forskning rörande barn kommer att vara viktiga faktorer för den här resan, säger hon.

Här presenterar Frida Lygnegård sig själv och sitt forskningsprojekt:

(In English)
My name is Frida Lygnegård, I am a registered occupational therapist with a master’s degree in public health. The last years I have been teaching at Jönköping University and at the University of Gothenburg mainly at the OT-programme. Before that I worked as an OT where my main interest was in children with disabilities. The last year I have been working as a county coordinator for children and youth, employed by Jönköping County Council and The Regional Development Council of Jönköping County.

My research project will focus on functioning and development in adolescents with long- term health conditions and disabilities. The overall aim of the thesis is to gain understanding of the individual and contextual characteristics that promotes positive everyday functioning in adolescents with long-term health conditions and disabilities. This research project forms part of a larger collaborative project between Jönköping University and University of Gothenburg regarding mental health in adolescents. The study design will be longitudinal questionnaire studies. Data collection is planned to start Fall 2013 in 4 municipalities in grade 6 and 7 (including special schools) and further data collection is planned on three occasions, after 1,3 and five years. At the moment there is funding for a licentiate degree.

- I am really looking forward to start my studies in the Research School of Health and Welfare, and to do that with a child-related focus. I think my curiosity and sincere interest in research concerning children will be important when starting this journey.