CHILD i Australien

Forskarna Karina Huus och Anna Karin Axelsson har besökt CHILD:s samarbetspartner vid Australian Catholic University i Melbourne. Här berättar de från resan.

Researchers in Australia: Karina Huus, Anna Karin Axelsson and Mats Granlund

The 29th of November, Karina Huus and Anna Karin Axelsson from the CHILD-research group at Jönköping University, traveled to Melbourne, Australia, to visit CHILD's collaboration partners at Australian Catholic University.

"When arriving the sun was shining and it was quite warm. The purpose with the trip was to visit Australian Catholic University (ACU), one of the CHILD group's collaboration partners. For Karina Huus, it was also to participate in an international conference on diabetes.

At ACU we met Christine Imms (School of Allied & Public Health, Head of school, professor of Occupational Therapy) and the staff at the school. We also met Mats Granlund, CHILD's research leader, who is a guest professor at ACU during the fall, and Anna Ullenhag who has a post doc position at the same university.

During the week that we visited, Anna Karin Axelsson was working with her dissertation and was supervised by Mats Granlund and Christine Imms. Karina Huus participated in an IDF conference, a diabetes conference, where she gave an oral presentation. On the Friday, Karina Huus and Mats Granlund worked with plans for future projects and papers. Karina Huus also got to visit the skills lab at ACU.

One afternoon we did some sightseeing to an animal park and met with kangaroos and koala bears. Together with Mats Granlund we also visited the Eurica tower, an 88 floor high tower with a floor of glass. The last evening we were invited to Christine Imms for a wonderful barbecue. Back home again it was snowing and very cold weather..."

Karina Huus and Anna Karin Axelsson