Alecia Samuels har blivit utnämnd till "TAU fellow"

CHILD-forskare Alecia Samuels har blivit inbjuden att delta i TAU, som står för Sydafrikas Teaching Advancement at University-sällskap.

Här följer nyheten på engelska:

Alecia Samuels, postdoctoral fellow in the CHILD-unit, was invited to participate in the South African Teaching Advancement at University (TAU) fellowship programme. This fellowship programme is for experienced academics who have been acknowledged for their teaching excellence and who wish to further extend their knowledge about teaching and learning. It will entail 3 contact sessions over the course of 2015 and 2016 in South Africa where participants will reflect critically on teaching practice in the South African Higher education sector. Each TAU fellow will also receive a small grant to implement a teaching research or development project.

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