Welcome to JIBS Photo Challenge 2017!

Photography has become a very familiar and universal means of communication, with more and more people using it to share their impressions, experiences and stories on social media every day.

The photographs will be printed and placed on the walls all around JIBS to further improve and inspire our study and office environments.


The jury has five members and consists of colleagues, students and external actors. The judges will award the best individual images in the six categories.

  • On the road - pictures about travels and travelling
  • Creativity - what is creativity? Where do you see it?
  • Joy
  • Forest
  • Diversity
  • Lake Vättern

The jury selects the winner(s) based on the quality of the image, the subject and the photographer's ability to look beyond the expected. A jury will choose first, second and third prize winners. Great prices are promised.

Take part in JIBS Photo Challenge 2017. We look forward to seeing and sharing your unique visual experiences. Believe in the great potential of photography and pass your personal stories on to colleagues and students!

How to participate

Fill out the form below and upload your picture. In the comment field, please include a few sentences about the subject and your thoughts regarding the image.

Terms and conditions

  • Photographs must be the work of the nominator.
  • A maximum of five photos can be submitted per photographer.
  • Images should be jpg, jpeg, png, gif or bmp-formats. Please submit the highest resolution available.
  • You will always keep the copyright to the photos, but you give JIBS an unlimited license to use and share the photos

Each submission should contain a description of the subject in the file information and relevant categories should be added to the files. Please take care not to violate copyright in respect of non-free creative works, and observe the personality rights of identifiable people. 
JIBS reserves the right to remove images that may appear offensive or inappropriate.

Contact and questions

For questions regarding the contest, please contact Peter Hofverberg, Operations manager at JIBS.