A day welcoming all students, JU employees and Jönköping County representatives from all sectors to network, brainstorm and collaborate for a brighter future - Thursday October 3rd.

JU Sustainability & Diversity Day 2019 focuses on how to transition toward a sustainable society. This complex topic is tackled from different perspectives and disciplines to understand how different actors, in different contexts, can contribute to the creation of shared value.

What's in it for you?

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Speakers of the day:

Eva Stattin - Business Developer- Digitalisation & Sustainable Development t at IVL.

Stef Van Dongen External link, opens in new window. Chairman of Nexus Europe. Founder of the social enterprise Enviu & of The Home for the Pioneers of Our Time. 

Susanne ten Doesschate  External link, opens in new window.Founder & CEO of 2GetThere, a peer to peer coaching for youth empowerment.

Fredrik Björk External link, opens in new window. Lecturer, Environmental science & Social innovation at Malmö University.

Jean-Pierre Candiotti External link, opens in new window. Project Manager for Nordic Digital Inclusive Entrepreneurship Program, sustainability practitioner, entrepreneur and JIBS Alumni. 

JTH Representative: Salem Seifeddine
Associate Dean of Research.

JIBS Representative: Anna Blombäck
Associate Dean of Education & Leadership Team member.

HLK Representative: Per Askelund
Associate Professor in plant biochemistry & researcher in Sustainability Education.

HHJ Representative: Inger Ahlstrand
Senior Lecturer Health and Care Sciences.