The present course will be the fifth edition. Since the second edition in 2011 the course is organized as a one week course appreciated by both participants and lecturers being an excellent occasion to interact and discuss cast iron under a couple of intensive days. The content of the course is continuously developed including the last advances related to this field.

More than 180 persons from world leader companies involved in production and using cast iron components and PhD students from universities involved in cast iron research participated in our courses. Participants come from: Volvo Powertrain (Sweden), Volvo Truck Corporation (Sweden), Volvo CE (Sweden), Scania CV (Sweden), Daros Piston Rings (Sweden), SKF Mekan (Sweden), Indexator (Sweden), MAN Diesel & Turbo (Denmark), Vestas Nacelles A/S (Denmark), Valdemar Birn (Denmark), Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg (Sweden), Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden), School of Engineering at Jönköping University (Sweden), Technical University of Denmark, University of Uppsala (Sweden), Linkoping’s Institute of Technology (Sweden), Korean Institute of Industrial Technology, KITECH (South-Korea), Swerea-SWECAST, Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP), MAGMA Giesereitechnologie GmbH (Germany), SACMI Imola S.C. (Italy), Metso (Sweden), University of Miskolc (Hungary), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), Funderia Condals (Spain), Fedreral Mogul (Sweden), MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, (Singapur), MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd. (China), Volvo Group Trucks Technology (Sweden), MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Schaumburg, (USA), MAGMA Bilişim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti. (Turkey), LKAB (Sweden), University of Bologna (Italy), SKF Mekan AB (Sweden),ELKEM Technology (Norway), RWTH Aachen (Germany), EDERTEK S.COOP (Spain), GLOBAL CASTINGS A/S (Denmark), ZANARDI FONDERIE S.P.A. (Italy), Maxima Engineering and Software services LTD (United Kingdom), MAGMA GmbH org.SLOZKA (Czech Republic), VDP FONDERIA SPA (Italy), Saint-Gobain Pont-á-Mousson (France), Universita di Padova (Italy), Volvo GTO (Sweden), CINVESTAV (Mexico), ENSIACET (France), Ohio State University (USA), University of Mar del Plata (Argentina).


Doru M Stefanesu, Ohio State University, USA
Roberto Boeri, Univ. Mar del Plata, Argentina
Jacques Lacaze, Université de Toulouse, France
Ingvar L Svensson, Jönköping University, Sweden
Attila Diószegi, Jönköping University, Sweden, course leader
Taishi Matsushita, Jönköping University, Sweden
József Tamás Svidró, Jönköping University, Sweden, secretary
Lucian Vasile Diaconu, Jönköping University, Sweden
Juan-Carlos Hernando, Jönköping University, Sweden
Björn Domeij, Jönköping University, Sweden

Honorary Teachers,

Contributing in the previous years of teaching

Jorge Sikora, Univ. Mar del Plata, Argentina
Juan Massone, Univ. Mar del Plata, Argentina
Hasse Fredriksson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Rudolf Sillén, Expert Products Sweden AB, Sweden
Werner Bauer, ÖGI, Austria
Fredrik Wilberfors, Scania CV AB, Sweden
Mathias König, Scania CV AB, Sweden
Lennart Elmquist, JTH, Sweden
Martin Selin, JTH, Sweden
Magnus Wessén, JTH, Sweden