Skicka in textbidrag till specialnumret "Caring for Children with Disabilities"

Nu kommer en inbjudan till att medverka i ett specialnummer från International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, med deadline den 31 oktober 2023. Temat är "Caring for Children with Disabilities" och gästredaktörer är CHILD-forskarna professor Karina Huus och professor Mats Granlund, samt professor Shakila Dada från University of Pretoria.

Inbjudans engelska text:

Children with disabilities more often need to visit a health and/or pediatric rehabilitation center than typically developed children, and it is important that children participate in their own care. Participation focuses on children’s involvement in everyday activities and can be considered as consisting of two dimensions: being there (attendance) and involvement. Children with a higher level of participation report better mental health and wellbeing. However, attending an activity does not guarantee being involved in the activity. Engagement is an operationalization of the intensity of involvement when participating in an activity.
Concerning intervention planning, meeting children with disability in health and/or pediatric rehabilitation care frequently presents various challenges. On the one hand, it can be difficult to understand what problems the child has, and the child may have difficulty explaining abstract concepts for the goals of intervention. To increase child involvement in the intervention processes, we need more knowledge and skills on how to adapt all the steps in the process for the child and the family. Research is needed regarding how we can support children’s involvement in problem identification, assessment for explaining problems, goal setting, designing, implementing intervention methods, and evaluating outcomes of intervention.

Prof. Dr. Karina Huus
Prof. Dr. Shakila Dada
Prof. Dr. Mats Granlund
Guest Editors

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  • participation
  • attendance
  • engagement
  • involvement
  • participation focused intervention
  • encounter
  • children with disabilities

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