Content updated 2021-01-26

What is International Campus?

International Campus is the School of Engineering's method to implement education and research in an international environment. Through International Campus, you can complete your internship or final project work at an assigned company abroad, combined with academic studies at a close by partner university.

Group of students on an International Campus Exchange

What is an exchange through International Campus?

If you apply for an exchange semester within International Campus, you complete your internship (industrial placement course) or final project work at an assigned company abroad, in combination with academic studies at partner university in the immediate area. It is also possible to just do your internship or final project work.

Partnerships in 5 countries

The School of Engineering has International Campus partnerships in Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Vietnam. For more information about our different campuses, please read under the heading "Our Campuses" on the left hand side of the menu.

Options for your programme

International Campus is not yet open to all programmes at the School of Engineering. Please read under the heading "When can I go on exchange within my program?" in the left hand menu, to find out about the available options abroad for your specific program.