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Courses and accreditation

The idea of ​​exchange studies is that you take courses at the partner university and use them towards your degree at Jönköping University. You should not need to study an extra semester when you go on study abroad.


At the School of Health and Welfare there is a Contact teacher network, this means that every partner university has a contact teacher at HHJ. Contact teachers are academic advisors that will help you to choose your courses for your study abroad period. Lucky you!

Once you have been nominated to the partner university and you have received initial information about the application and courses, it is time to contact your contact teacher and write a study plan Pdf, 3.6 MB. together. Thanks to this process you can be 100% sure that all courses you’re going to study abroad will be accredited as part of your degree.

These contact teachers are the experts on everything about the academic world you need to know (courses, placements, the educating teachers) and about the academic courses these universities offer. As most contact teachers have even visited the partner universities they are advisors for, they can provide you with the small interesting details that are not mentioned on the partner universities’ websites. Ask them about their experiences!

You can book an appointment with your contact teacher by e-mailing or calling them. As all contact teachers are located at the School of Health and Welfare, you can also visit them at their offices. The names of contact teachers can be found in the programme specific information in the menu on the left.

Please note that contact teachers solely focus on academic questions and cannot advise you on the selection, nomination, application or admission process at the partner universities. For all these non-academic questions, you can contact the International Relations office, located in Student House (Studenternas Hus).

Once the study plan is done, the Head of your programme will sign it and it will be e-mailed to you. Be aware that the study plan must be updated every time a course change occurs.

NOW you can apply for the courses at the partner university


You have to upload your courses in Intapps so they can be approved once we receive your transcript of records from the partner university. This step is very important to avoid any problems with CSN.

This process can be done easily by following these steps:

- Sign in Intapps
- Select "Course selection" in the menu on the left
- Write in the name of the courses you are going to take at the partner university
- Upload the course syllabuses for the chosen courses if applicable (otherwise you can upload your study plan instead)
- Select status: "send to the teacher"

Once we receive your grades from the partner university we register the courses in LADOK.

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