Content updated 2019-03-13

Share your experience

Inspire someone else to go on exchange!

As part of the exchange programme you will participate in various marketing activities, as a way to inspire new and more students to take the opportunity to "Go International". Different meetings and activities are arranged every semester and we want you to be a part of them. We also wish for you to be a contact person for future outgoing exchange students.


So that we can promote the Student Exchange program here at Jönköping University, we want all students to write a “travel story” about their time on exchange. This gives important feedback to those of us who are working with student exchange at the International Relations Office. Your travel stories will be published on the student web so that other students can be inspired by them and go on exchange. It is therefore important that you write your travel story in English.


Here are some tips that can help you write your travel story!

  • Begin with your name, academic year, the semester you were on exchange, your program (e.g. Social Work) and the name of the partner university that you studied at. It is very helpful for future exchange students to get in contact with someone who has already been on exchange. For this reason, we ask that you provide your phone number and / or email address.
  • Explain why you chose to study abroad?
  • Which courses did you study? Did your exchange include a practical component? Describe these experiences.
  • Describe how easy or difficult it was to obtain / receive information from the partner university.
  • What was your accommodation like? Did the partner university help you with accommodation?
  • Describe the living costs of the country. Was it expensive or cheap to live there?
  • How do you think you have developed and grown during your time on exchange? Describe this in relation to your academic and language skills as well as any personal growth you experienced.
  • What advice can you give students who are thinking about going to the university where you studied?
  • Describe some of the highlights of your trip.