Elin Horvath Antonsson, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic (In English)

During the time 19 september-19 december I spent my time in Ostrava doing my Erasmusperiod. I am always in the look out for new experience and new input to knowledge and what could be better than a internship abroad.

I did a big amount of study visits at organisations in or close to Ostrava to see how they are organised and to meet the people working there. Everywhere I came I was well received and everybody took the time to show me around and answer my questions.

I also had two courses at the University of Ostrava. International Project Management and Practical Placement. At the classes I did feel that the level of discussion between the teacher and students where a bit low. Nobody asked any questions and the teachers did not encourage the students to talk.

The reception at the University was very good and I have nothing to remark on. I was well informed during the time I was in Ostrava by Erasmus Coordinator Pavla Nemethova.

I lived in the city center for the first month in a room that Pavla arranged for me. It was nice to know that living was fixed before I came. And to stay in the city centre helped me to find the little gems and coffee shops. Then I moved to the area Poruba after making good friends with people there. In the city centre the rent was much more expansive but other living expenses was for me very low. The price for entertainment as cinemas, theatre, music concerts and so on is very cheep. Likewise is the transportation tickets cheep and to travel around Europe from Ostrava is economically possible for the student! Food is also cheep and to go out for a meal is not digging a big hole in the wallet.

During my stay in Ostrava I had the chance to see something new and to meet new people. I have learnt that what you know is not always the truth for all people. I learnt the importance of hospitality and kindness to humans in new situations. I was also very inspired on how to do social work in the future. There are no limits, if people engage themselves and try hard. I really enjoyed my stay in Ostrava and I made friends for life so I will be back.

If you how are reading this and thinking about going to Ostrava don´t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions!

All the best from:

Elin Horvath Antonsson