Sofie Hopstadius, Occupational Therapy, FH campus Wien, Austria (In English)

I'm a student that is reading my last semester of occupational therapy at Jönköping University, Sweden. I study abroad last autumn in Vienna at FH campus. I had a lovely and fun time when I was abroad for thirteen weeks. I was an erasmus student and I meet a lots of other amazing erasmus students. We did some traveling to Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia. We did also a course together (Language and culture course). In that course we went to theater, musical and much more. Learn a lot about the city in this fun course.

I both had a placement and courses during my stay in Vienna. Had my placement at Wiener Sozialdienste in Vienna during September until November 2016. During my placement I had the opportunity to work together with three different occupational therapist at Wiener
Sozialdienste. At Wiener Sozialdienste I had the opportunity to see how you as an occupational therapy can work in the community (social services). In my last placement I was in the psychiatry so I had none experience of working in the home care before my placement at Wiener Sozialdienste, during my stay in Vienna I noticed some differences from Sweden about the work as an occupational therapist. I'm really grateful to have the chance to see how occupational therapists work in Vienna, I learn a lot both about how you meet different client but also a lot of myself. I will bring my eruditions to Sweden and have it with me in my
future work as an occupational therapist.

I read a couple of other interesting and fun courses; The use of arts and crafts in occupational therapy, Journal club, International Week and Supervision of fieldwork placement. I got totally 18 ECT for my stay in Vienna. This trip is a memory for life, Meet so many new friends and contacts and I had the opportunity to see this beautiful city. Are also happy that I did some traveling to other near country to Vienna. It was very easy to travel, we rent a car and did a road trip to Italy and
Slovenia. We also took the train to Slovakien that took 40 minutes.

I really enjoyed my stay in Vienna and I will absolutely come back! // Sofie Hopstadius