Scientific Course, Inroduction to Research, 7.5 credits
Vetenskaplig grundkurs, 7,5 högskolepoäng
Course Syllabus for students Autumn 2019
Course Code:HANB11
Confirmed by:Chairperson of the Educational Council Nov 11, 2012
Revised by:Department head Nov 11, 2015
Valid From:Dec 7, 2015
Reg number:2015/4109 (313) avdelningen för naturvetenskap och biomedicin
Education Cycle:Basic level
Disciplinary domain:Medicine
Subject group:OM1
Specialised in:G1N
Main field of study:Biomedical Laboratory Science, Oral Health Science, Radiography


General entry requirements.

Examination and grades

The course is graded A, B, C, D, E, FX or F.

Registration of examination:
Name of the TestValueGrading
Statistic13 creditsA/B/C/D/E/FX/F
Scientific and research methodics14.5 creditsA/B/C/D/E/FX/F
1 Determines the final grade of the course, which is issued only when all course units have been passed.

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