Data analysis is a highly relevant skill. Combining it with economics make you well prepared for the job market

I think the programme does an excellent job of connecting theory and practice. It provides us with a strong foundation in economic theory, which is essential for understanding the fundamentals of the field.

I did my bachelor’s in International Economics at JIBS. After graduating, I knew I wanted to continue studying and pursue a master’s degree in the same field. I could really tell why JIBS is one of the top-ranked Universities in Europe; its several international accreditations and rankings speak for themselves. Choosing JIBS again was an easy choice! Today, I am studying the master’s program in Applied Economics and Data Analysis and will graduate in June 2023.

After reading about the program’s specifics and courses, I was intrigued by the courses that included some level of data analysis, which I was looking for in combination with advanced economics. For me, that was important because of today’s situation in the world. Data analysis is a highly relevant skill; adding this together with economics is a great combination to prepare well for the job market. Another great thing I appreciated was the strong emphasis on practical learning, such as group work and the internship course, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting.

I have learned how to communicate effectively and developed a critical thinking

The city and its international profile might be the best things about JIBS. My interest in economics comes from my multicultural background; being among students from all over the world is vital. I wanted to continue getting new perspectives that I believe are beneficial personally and professionally.

This international environment is ideal for my study program and career goals. With the resources provided by my education and JIBS, I feel more confident in my ability to contribute to this dynamic world in the future. I know I will be able to manage various situations in various contexts. I have learned how to communicate effectively and developed a critical thinking. I have also developed new skills in data analysis, which I believe is a valuable asset in this ever-changing world of technological innovation.

For my future career, I am open to jobs in the public and the private sector. Maybe in an international government organization, a consulting firm, or other industries where I can apply my economics and data analysis knowledge to help organizations make informed decisions and improve their performance.

Thanks to my degree at JIBS, I feel well-equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in various fields. This has been very true in the eyes of employers. During my studies in this program, I was employed as a part-time Data Analyst at Ernst and Young in Jönköping. And starting in September, I will work full-time as an SAP consultant at IBM in Gothenburg.

Patrick Andersson

Student, Applied Economics and Data Analysis

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