"My responsibilities as a material manager are all closely connected to my education"

Caleb Rangel came all the way from Peru to Jönköping to study for his master's. And he has never regretted doing so.

Today, he works as a material manager at Kollmorgen Automation AB in Gothenburg. He graduated already in 2012 but still values his years at the International Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

"I really enjoyed my years at JIBS. Meeting students from different countries and cultural backgrounds and working together on projects and class assignments was a great experience. But studying wasn't all of it. We went to Akademin, Jönköping Student Union’s nightclub, for partying, and I loved taking long walks by the lake on Sundays", he says.

His responsibilities as a material manager at Kollmorgen include Material planning, forecasting, purchasing, inventory management and trade compliance. All of it is closely connected to his education.

"I have benefited a lot from my studies at JIBS. The education is in line with business demands, and I appreciated the entrepreneurial orientation at JIBS. My master studies allowed me to find a job in logistics/supply chain management, which has always been my goal. The knowledge I gained at the programme helped me advance in my career by contributing ideas for improvement in the different jobs I've had”, Caleb says.

He especially enjoyed the courses focusing on supply chain management and the lectures from invited guest lecturers. They were inspiring and helped him to stay focused on his career goals.

Sweden and JIBS might be a long way from Peru, but Caleb recommends that anyone take the chance.

"Don't think twice! It's a great experience to study and live in a Nordic country. You get to experience another culture and open your mind. Don't worry about the weather; you'll be fine with the right clothing. You'll learn to enjoy every season of the year. And take a Swedish course while here. That can open the door for more career opportunities and allows you to better understand the culture", Caleb says.

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