Clare Kauma, student, Global Management

Clare Kauma

Clare Kauma is studying on the master's programme Global Management at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS).

“JIBS has the perfect match of programmes and courses for me," she says.

Clare Kauma is from the town of Iganga in eastern Uganda. She chose Jönköping University because it is among the highly ranked universities in Sweden. She says that JIBS provides students with high quality education and the international environment of the university is favourable for foreign students. Most of her chosen courses are taught in English and she finds it inspiring to meet other international students with different backgrounds.

“This is something really unique about the university and so I love it here. I also like the fact that I have the opportunity to work on a number of projects with students from different countries,” she says.

Clare Kauma would love to work with Global Organizations like the UN and points out that her years at JIBS has given her new perspectives and ways of thinking.

“I have acquired knowledge and skills that I will be able to use, working as a business leader. My ambition is to work specifically within an intercultural organization. My education at JIBS has given me skills to easily identify and solve problems in the most appropriate way in this changing world.”

She warmly recommends others to come and study at JIBS, international students in particular.

"I think it is such a great opportunity, it's one not to miss out on. I have gained a lot of life experience from studying here," she says.

The international focus of JIBS makes student life at Jönköping University unique, says Clare Kauma

“I get so much inpiration from the people I meet here: students, teachers and those that live here.”

Clare Kauma really likes Jönköping and describes it as a very beautiful city with friendly people and a lot of activities taking place throughout the year.

“I always meet up with friends, go for out for fika (the social coffee culture I picked up here) or a beer. It’s also a great place for doing sports, personally I regularly like to play basketball.”

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