Frequently Asked Questions about Swedish Language 1 & 2

Q: I have a clash with my other courses and cannot attend my next Swedish Language class. What should I do?
A: Find another class/group that suits you, email the teacher of that class/group to let her/him know that you want to join their class.

Q: How do I deregister from the course if I want to drop out?
A: If you are an exchange student you contact the international office at your school at JU. If you are a program student, you contact

Q: I have been told I am not registered for the course. What could be the problem?
A: Either you are not admitted to the course OR you have failed to register properly. If you are an exchange student, turn to your contact at the International Office. If you are a program student, contact If you are a fee-paying student, make sure that you have paid the fee.

Q: I cannot register for the exam. Why?
A: You are most likely not registered for the course. Contact the international office at your school at JU or if you are a program student you contact

Q: I haven’t been admitted to the course/ I don’t need the credits but want to learn some Swedish, can I still sit in on the lectures?
A: No.

Q: Are we allowed dictionaries on the exam?
A: Yes, but only English-Native language, and not in digital form. And you must bring your own.

Q: I will miss the first exam because I am going on a trip with the student union. What can I do?
A: Sign up for the retake exam when it opens for registrations. Enjoy the trip.

Q: Where do I find the schedule for the exam dates?
A: HLK: 

Q: If I fail the exam in Swe Lang 1, can I still apply to Swe Lang 2?
A: Yes, the requirement is that you must have been registered for and followed Swe Lang 1 in order to apply to Swe Lang 2 OR show an equivalent level of Swedish.

Q: I failed the exam twice and must go back to university in my home country thus missing the second retake. What can I do?
A: You contact the coordinator who can help arrange a retake from your home university.

Q: My home university needs to know the number of contact hours for the course Swe Lang 1. What do I tell them?
A: Swe Lang 1 consists of 14 lessons (à 90 minutes) and 5 lectures on culture & society à 90 minutes.

Q: Where can I find additional information about the course?

Q: What level of Swedish have I reached after passing Swe Lang 1?
A: The level is still quite basic, the equivalent of A1 according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”. Swe Lang 2 students reach A2 to B1-level.

Q: Can I retake an exam that I received an E (pass) on in order to improve my grade?
A: No.