Matilda, Student, New Media Design

I have always been interested in design, trends and being creative. Through the New Media Design programme at the School of Engineering, I got the chance to learn graphic design from a basic level.

The most exciting and fun part of my education so far was when we, as a group, had to create our own magazine. We created the content and design of the magazine and worked closely together with a printing company. After a couple of weeks of really hard but interesting work, we finally had a physical copy in our hands – and it was a fantastic feeling! This project proved that hard work pays off and that this kind of work will not only be my job, but also my hobby.

Before I started studying at Jönköping University, I thought I would have less spare time than before, and that I would sit with a book in front of me all day. But I have realized that student life doesn’t have to be that tough if you just plan your time well and stay focused when you study. During a normal week I have time to study, work, socialize with friends, clean, wash and cook.

And the student life in Jönköping is absolutely amazing! Here, there’s something for everyone, from organized ski trips to the Alps to chess tournaments on campus. For me, student life is so much more than just studying and spending time in the student bar. I see it as an opportunity and a privilege to find new friends and build a network for the future.

After graduation, my plan is to bring everything I have learned from New Media Design and move to Stockholm and work as an art director at a fashion magazine.

Student, New Media Design
School of Engineering

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