“Studying this Master program at JU is an amazing experience”

Nikolaos Tezas studied special education and elementary teaching for his bachelor’s degree in Greece. After graduation, Nikolaos worked as a teacher in both Scottland and Sweden, and now he’s a preschool teacher in Germany.

Nikolaos Tezas, former student, Interventions in Childhood

Nikolaos Tezas, former student, Interventions in Childhood.

What made you choose Sweden and this particular Master program?

- Sweden was my first choice as a country because of the good reputation of high-quality education. The country has a leading position when it comes to educational practices. This program helps me as a special education teacher or a teacher in general to be able to identify children who are in need of special support in order to help them to move forward, to particpate in education, life and eventually the society.

What have you learned from this program and has the program been helpful to your current occupation?

- After the program I have noticed that I’m more aware of what needing special support really means. This program didn’t give me broad concepts, instead it gave me knowledge that I can actually use. For example it provided me concrete set of tools, methods and models that I can apply at work. It makes me feel less stressed and more confident in my practices. In addition, the program demonstrated that children could need special support without a diagnosis which is a brilliant point that every teacher should bear in mind. I now have a base from studying this program, and I can start building on it and get closer to what children need and deserve, because It’s also about their rights. That’s something I learned from this Master as well - children’s rights, and that’s very informative for me. My main focus at work now is to get the children ready academically, socially and emotionally before they start primary school. The knowledge I learned provides me guidelines when I create children’s profiles and approach their families. It helps me to understand their culture and their needs in a much more direct way.

What do you want to say to students who are interested in taking this program?

- You will be taught by topnotch professionals, and you get to build up a social and professional network with people from all over the world hopefully for long time be able to support you in your goals as a teacher, practitioner and professional. After the program, you feel that you are equipped with knowledge and you are ready to start or continue with your career.

Being in JU, in Jönköping, in Sweden, is an amazing experience. Not only academically, but also socially, emotionally it’s going to be a top experience for one’s life. I can say this for sure because I’ve been there, and trust me, this is something special.

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