Nipunika was interested in child studies that link to special education in an international environment.

After Nipunika Fernando had completed her Bachelor’s study in psychology, she worked as a mental health counselor and a special needs educator for four years in Sri Lanka before she came to Sweden.

Nipunika Fernando, former student, Interventions in Childhood

Nipunika Fernando, former student, Interventions in Childhood

What made you choose Sweden and this particular Master program?

-I have traveled many times to Sweden to visit my relatives since I was a kid. I’m into scandinavian culture especially swedish. I like the beautiful nature as well as the innovative teconology there. Besides this, the reason I chose this program is because my work was to help children in need of special support, and I have strong interest in special education. When I read the introduction of this program Interventions in Childhood I felt it’s exactly what I was looking for - child studies that link to special education in an international environment.

What have you learned from this program and has the program been helpful to your current occupation?

-To be honest I have learned more than I expected. We had many seminars, discussions, case studies and group works. I learned how to do a systematic litterature review as well as the research method, this really lays the foundation for future PhD studies. The support and the guidance received from the lecture panel and my research supervisor was immense. Moreover, the interdisiplinary approach has escalated my understanding of intervention to a whole new level. To sum up, this program has really deepened my knowledge. Now I work as a psychologist and a lecturer in psychology in a university in Sri Lanka. I incorporate the knowledge I learned to my every-day work, and also pass on the knowledge to my students in the university. As much as I enjoy my work, I would still like to apply for PhD education in the future in Sweden.

What do you want to say to students who are interested in taking this program?

-If you are interested in child and research, disability science, interdisciplinary approach and to have an international experience, then this is the program for you. Staff at JU are very helpful and friendly, Jönköping as a city is beautiful and calm, it is a perfect environment for studying. Personally for me, pursuing this Master in Sweden was one of the best opportunities that I have ever got with many life long memories to cherish.

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