Bart is a Product Manager in Amsterdam

I live in Amsterdam and work as a product manager at Garnier. On a typical day I discuss new product launches with our marketing director, decide on future media strategies, and meet with the account manager of one our retailers to talk about the upcoming promotions of my brand. When my schedule allows for it, I like to grab a meeting room for myself to brainstorm creative ideas for upcoming campaigns.

International Marketing,
Jönköping International Business School

Product Manager at Garnier,
L’Oréal Group, The Netherlands

My Master’s in International Marketing at JIBS really helped me boost my marketing skills on an international level. Approaching marketing from an academic point of view without losing focus on the business perspective was a very valuable combination for me. I believe JIBS is a great place if you want a university that is on top of its game and follows the latest trends, which is key if you want to go into marketing.

Everybody is going digital, so as a marketer it’s important to know everything about the digital world. My advice to you who consider entering this field is to be enthusiastic and passionate about your brand. Know your numbers and show your creativity. It takes analytical skills, creativity, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. So be ready to work hard. But don’t forget to relax sometimes and enjoy the fun and beautiful city of Jönköping. It might not be the capital of the world, but it still has all the things in place for you to have a great time during your studies.

Bart Berende
Former Student, International Marketing, Jönköping International Business School
Product Manager at Garnier, L'Oréal Group, The Netherlands

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