"Prosthetics and orthotics is a unique programme, where your practical and problem-solving skills are put to the test."

Josefin Lång, former student of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Nowadays working in Oslo, Norway, as a licensed orthopedic engineer.

Make the most of your time as a student - before you know it, it's over! This is the message Josefin Lång, former student of Prosthetics and Orthotics, wants to pass on to future students. Today, Josefin works as a licensed orthopedic engineer i Oslo.

School of Health and Welfare - the natural choice

- Jönköping University is the only school in Sweden that offers this specific programme and Jönköping itself has a reputation for being a great city for students. This programme offers the perfect mix between technology and human interaction. 

On-campus clinic

- Since there are small class sizes in this programme, it is easy to get to know you classmates and to form a good relationship with the teachers. We have brand new premises on campus that includes manufacturing rooms and patient examination rooms. Patients with amputations volunteer to come to us when in need of the prosthetic appliances we are studying about. To have an on-campus clinic and workshop makes it possible to practise our theoretical skills in real life.

Josefin Lång at work in Oslo, Norway

Take a course or study a full semester abroad

- I was granted a Minor Field Study-scholarship, which gave me the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Kiribati. In these small islands in the Pacific ocean, we met and interviewed patients who had had their leg amputated and were using prosthetic limbs. From the data we collected, we could present a qualitative survey. This journey gave me insights into a lifestyle I had never encountered before and really taught me how appliances must be adapted, depending on environment, climate and culture. 

The future looks bright

Josefin Lång spent a year of her time at School of Health and Welfare, as chairperson of the student association, Hälsosektion. Here she shows off her white overall, covered in JU patches.

- I received lots of job offers before the final year of the programme, but chose to stay for an extra year as the chairperson of the student association, Hälsosektion. As chairperson, you are responsible for the students of the School of Health and Welfare, dealing with a broad variety of tasks; from students' environment and educational issues to events and social gatherings. You are the main link between the school's management and the students. After this term of office, I had a wide choice of job options to go for. Orthotics is a field that is constantly developing and has great prospects for the future, both in Sweden and interntionally.  

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