What are certified copies?

When sending your supporting documents by post, we require certified copies. All copies of original documents must be clearly authorised as true copies of the original by the issuing institution or a notary public. Certified copies must be copies of original degrees, diplomas, certificates and other relevant documents. Copies of copies will not be accepted. Jönköping University may check the authenticity of documents with the issuing school.

If you are required to submit official translations, it should be in one of the following languages: Swedish or English.
See the information on How to apply - bachelor or How to apply - master for more information about required translations.


In order to certify document copies, you must present both the original and copy of the document to the person carrying out the certification. Each copy must be certified separately and clearly indicate:

  • The signature of the certifying officer
  • The stamp of the issuing institution or notary public
  • The name and address or provider/registration number (where applicable) of the certifying officer. This must be printed legibly (able to read) below the signature or in the stamp.

It must be possible to contact the certifying officer if necessary. A stamp stating only "True copy certified" will not be accepted.