How should I present my bachelor's diploma? I was admitted before I received it.

If you did not submit your Bachelor's diploma when you applied, you must show it once the semester has started and you have registered.

Upon arrival, you need to submit the following to our Service Center:

Bachelor's diploma in original format:

  • A diploma issued in English or that also contains the information in English is sufficient. If your diploma is issued in a language other than English, German, French or one of the Nordic languages (except Finnish), you must also show an official translation into one of the accepted languages.

The diploma and translation (if required) should be submitted to the University’s Service Center. Once it has been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail from the Admissions Office that you can pick up your document/-s again from the Service Center. The university will not keep your document/s.

If you do not have your diploma when the autumn semester starts, please contact the Admissions Office,, so we can arrange a date when you can show your document/s. It will most likely be possible to bring it in January when the new semester starts after the holiday break. N.B. JIBS students studying a one year master program must show their Bachelor's diploma before they can register for the (one-year) master thesis.

Special instructions for educations from:

  • PR China - both Bachelor's diploma and Graduation Certificate must be shown. Both with official translation.
  • Spain - a receipt showing that you have paid for your diploma to be issued is sufficient for one year from the payment date, if the diploma is not yet issued.
  • Germany - Urkunde is required and it may be in German. Zeugnis is only accepted if it says which degree you were issued and when.
  • France - the diploma may be in French.
  • Greece - a certificate is sufficient if it says which degree you were issued and when it was issued.